Exercise routine for Diabetics

Diabetic patients are often told to get plenty of exercise as much as they can. In regards to your situation, you may have a limited mobility as well as other disabilities which keeps you from moving your arms or legs. In this case, you should get a customized exercise plan from your doctor. Below are some important information you should know if you are diabetic and you have been told to exercise.

Make sure that your blood sugar is not too high

It’s important to make sure that your blood glucose level is not high. If it’s too high, hold off that long run. This is because you don’t want to exert too much extra strain on your heart if the level of glucose in your blood is high. It becomes thick and difficult for your heart to pump rapidly. The key to success is to have a plan that will fit you and stick with it.

Below are some of the suggestions for diabetic health exercise

Strength training

Strength training can bring a positive impact as far as managing your diabetes is concerned. Apart from being good for your sugar control, it is also a positive anti depressant. Being more self confident is very important for diabetes as it increases the general feeling of well being hence makes you happier in general. Research has shown that people with type 2 diabetes who are practicing strength training are also more confident, which is a great side effect.


Aerobics is an excellent diabetic health exercise as it gets the heart going and it also helps you in managing your blood sugar levels. If you’re walking or swimming especially with a partner, aerobics will put you in a good mood. No stress is big in diabetic health exercise.

Another good reason for type 2 diabetics to exercise frequently includes reducing the risk of heart diseases simply by improving blood circulation. Also, you make your muscles stronger hence keep your blood pressure down. Regular exercise enhances your insulin sensitivity by burning start fat in the body. You perform better because your energy levels are up. Lastly, don’t hold anger in form of tension. This will make you feel relaxed.

Don’t forget that exercise means that your body needs more fuel. Don’t just go overboard and exercise to the last drop. This may cause your body to react to what it feels is stress and this will increase the blood sugar you require to fuel your muscles. Just listen to your body and keep the bad on the down low. Control of cholesterol is very important for diabetics.

Therefore, it’s important to remember to talk to your doctor concerning your exercise plan if you choose to start it up. Make sure that it’s recommended to do for you. You should exercise as much as you can. This will make you to feel good and that’s the reason enough to do it.